Bathroom Tumbler Cup by Stegall’s Pottery

Bathroom Tumbler Cup by Stegall’s Pottery verfügbar am Marktplatz mit Preis um 18 Euro.

Beschreibung von Bathroom Tumbler Cup by Stegall’s Pottery:

This versatile stoneware cup is great for any room in your home! Match it to the rest of your favorite Stegall’s bathroom accessories as a tumbler or to store all those little items that end up rolling around on your counter top. Outside of your bathroom, these also make great cups for dipping cookies in milk! Or set it on your desk at the office to store all your pens. Makes a great gift for the person that seems to have everything, since they can purpose it any way they choose. The possibilities are endless!!! What will you do with yours?

Each piece of Stegall’s Pottery is individually hand crafted and hand glazed. The dimensions and glaze color may vary slightly. This is what makes each piece special and will in no way affect the function or durability of your piece. Still have questions? Please contact us at 1-800-788-7687, Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. EST or contact us or send us a message.

If you are purchasing this item to be sent as a gift, we would be happy to ship it directly to the recipient for you. Need a gift card? No problem! We will be delighted to enclose one for you. When placing your order just use the NOTE TO SELLER area to provide us with the name and address of this special person and the wording you wish to use to convey your message. We will take care to pass along your sentiment.

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