Frischen Look! Makeup Brush Holders

Frischen Look! Makeup Brush Holders

Ich liebe es, habe es in meinem Badezimmer. Dieses schöne Produkt Makeup Brush Holders , Ich fand es auf dem Marktplatz mit Preis rund 10.02 . Ich schrieb einige folgende Beschreibung,

Beschreibung der Produkte:

Mason Jar Makeup Brush holders are the cutest addition to any womans vanity! Especially when theyre as sparkly as their personality. These are sealed with a glossy finish and are smooth to the touch. Perfect for makeup brushes and utensils or even to use as a toothbrush holder, or anything you can find a use for!

From left to right in photo colors are listed as
Mermaid, Pink, Blue

Material der Makeup Brush Holders ist mason jars

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